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Solutions Overview

DoubleRadius remains at the forefront of innovation, thanks to our partnerships with leading wireless and WiFi equipment manufacturers and developers around the world. Read through any of the solutions we've listed below to learn about the latest advancements in wireless technology.


Learn about the advantages and characteristics of the “lightly licensed” E-Band, which ranges from 70 GHz - 90 GHz.

Gigabit Wireless Radios

Understand the key advantages of Gigabit wireless, and how it meets the growing demand for faster internet speeds and throughput.

Hybrid Fiber-Wireless

Download our Hybrid Fiber-Wireless ISP Quick Guide. Learn what a Hybrid ISP is, what the advantages of fiber are compared to wireless, and when ISPs should evolve to hybrid. Also, read use cases of Hybrid ISPs.


Get a better understanding of what LTE is and how it benefits fixed wireless. Also, learn the significance of operating in the new Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) and how access tiers can benefit your business. Additionally, access other resources and request a free consultation.

Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP)

Today's Point to MultiPoint (PTMP) radios feature advanced technologies designed to increase reliability and speed, despite natural and man-made obstructions in the coverage area. DoubleRadius has over a decade of experience providing wireless network solutions and is ready to guide you from network conception and design through deployment and management.

Point-to-Point (PTP)

Compare configurations of Point-to-Point (PTP) wireless backhaul, a viable alternative to fiber. See also a list of PTP manufacturers and use our configuration tool to request a quote.

TV Whitespace (TVWS)

Learn what TV Whitespace (TVWS) is, what its benefits are, and what Service Providers are saying about it. See also what to consider before deploying, and what role the SAS plays.

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance works over traditional wired networks, but also over wireless IP networks. Versatile IP cameras with pan/tilt/zoom technology can be monitored and operated remotely. DoubleRadius can help determine the ideal ip cameras for your situation, and can provide turnkey installation to get you up and running in no time.

WiFi Hotspots

WiFi hotspots are popular and demanded. For a growing number of consumers, WiFi is the determining factor of where they do business. Whether on a campus, in an office park, in a hotel, a coffee shop or elsewhere, staying connected in real time is becoming a necessity. DoubleRadius is your answer for deploying a WiFi solution specific to your requests and needs.