Systems Integrators

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Industries Overview

Applications for fixed wireless can vary by industry, but the common theme is that ever-improving wireless technology is meeting an exceeding requirements for data, voice, video, and more. See your industry below for a more in-depth look.


Download our free IP STL Broadcaster's Guide with strategies on planning and deployment. Learn how IP STLs are a proven, viable alternative for savvy broadcasters to exploit, compared to traditional, uni-directional microwave.

Cable (MSO)

Download our free Quick Guide to Fixed Wireless for Cable (MSO). Get practical insights and see examples of cable companies utilizing fixed wireless as an important part of their offerings.

Clientes Internacionales

Conéctese con nuestro equipo internacional que habla español e inglés y conozca la amplia variedad de productos de exportación que ofrecemos.


Deploying a wireless mesh campus environment equips both students and teachers with fast access to the tools and resources they need to succeed. This same campus mesh deployment can also be utilized to feed an IP video security network, helping to provide safety and security on campus.

Government / Municipality

High-speed, wireless internet can be offered by a municipality to all of its residents, businesses, libraries and schools, creating new revenue. Governments that invest in future-proof wireless infrastructure attract residents and business alike, paving the way for a growing economy and population.


Recent years have seen significant advances in healthcare technology that have changed the world of medicine. Healthcare facilities can deploy wireless video surveillance, VoIP (internet) phones systems and public WiFi, improving the overall safety, office communications, and waiting room experience for their clientele.


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Small to Medium Business

Small and Medium sized businesses need to lay a solid foundation that can be built upon. Technology infrastructure is a key consideration. Broadband WiFi provides connectivity to your staff throughout your office or campus, not only for internet access at the workstation, but also on all mobile devices.

Systems Integrators

Learn how Systems Intetgrators (SIs) are utilizing fixed wireless in the wide variety of projects the encounter. Also, download our new Reseller Handbook that covers opportunities, resources, and peer examples for Systems Integrators.

Telecom (CLEC & ILEC)

Download our free Quick Guide to Fixed Wireless for Telecom (CLEC & ILEC), which includes customer examples. Learn how fixed wireless contributes to growth, presents new opportunities, and helps with network future-proofing.

Utilities & Electric Cooperatives

Learn how Rural Electric Coops (RECs) are using fixed wireless to offer broadband internet as a new offering to their energy customers. See also how utilities can deploy wireless to improve communications, security, smart grid automation, SCADA monitoring and more at their substations, digital oil fields, and remote locations.

Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)

Download our popular WISP Guide - 10 Ways Successful WISPs are Growing. Topics include WISP funding, fixed wireless platforms and technologies, FCC spectrum, licensing and more. Insights from WISPs around the country are also included throughout the guide chapters.