What is Terragraph?

Terragraph is one of several projects a part of Meta Connectivity. The mission of this organization is to get people online faster. Meta began looking at the problem of access to high-speed broadband and its limitations of poor last-mile connections. One solution that Meta developed was Terragraph. A technology that operates on 60 GHz unlicensed band delivering fiber-like speeds.

What are the benefits of a Terragraph solution?

The markets of fiber access to consumers are cost-prohibitive and slow to deploy due to factors like permitting, trenching, and supply. Terragraph can be a better alternative to provide fiber-like connectivity at a significantly lower cost. It’s much faster to deploy and can be in the market in weeks.

If we compare wireline services to Terragraph, the latter enables faster time-to-market by mounting on existing street furniture. The multi-node resilient mesh network ensures carrier-grade network availability and can be easily scaled when demand grows. Check out real-world success stories with customers deploying Terragraph.

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