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Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi 6 Pro Access PointSKU #: U6-Pro-US

Now Available for Pre-Order

Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise 48 PoE SwitchSKU #: USW-Enterprise-48-PoE
Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise 8 PoE SwitchSKU #: USW-Enterprise-8-PoE

Now available for Pre-Order

Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise XG 24 SwitchSKU #: USW-EnterpriseXG-24

Now available for Pre-Order

Cambium XV2-2T Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor Access PointSKU #: XV2-2T0XA00-US

Please Call 866-891-3602 for Availability

Siklu EtherHaulâ„¢ 2ft Dual-band 18GHz E-Band AntennaSKU #: EH-ANT-2ft-DL18
Baicells Nova430 Outdoor TDD eNodeBSKU #: Nova430 Outdoor TDD eNodeB (pBS3101SE)

Now available for Pre-Order

Baicells LTE Pocket RouterSKU #: BC-Mifi-010411
Baicells Wi-Fi 6 Mesh Network RouterSKU #: WiFi 6 Mesh Router (ER2820)
Baicells Nova846 Outdoor TDD eNBSKU #: Nova 846N 3.5GHz 5W (sBS71010)
IgniteNet Edgecore Indoor Wi-Fi 6 Access PointSKU #: EAP101-FCC