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Siklu MultiHaul™ T280 TG Long Range Terminal UnitSKU #: MH-T280-CCP-PoE-MWB

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Ubiquiti UniFi Protect Network Video Recorder ProSKU #: UNVR-Pro

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Ubiquiti UniFi Switch Enterprise 24 PoESKU #: USW-Enterprise-24-PoE

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RF elements StarterDish™ 27 UM 5 PackSKU #: STD-27-UM-5PACK
RF elements StarterDish™ 24 UM 5 PackSKU #: STD-24-UM-5PACK
RF elements StarterDish™ 21 UM 5 PackSKU #: STD-21-UM-5PACK
RF elements StarterAdapter™ SMASKU #: STA-SMA
RF elements UltraDish™ Antenna TP 27SKU #: UD-TP-27
RF elements UltraDish™ Antenna TP 24SKU #: UD-TP-24

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RF elements UltraDish™ Antenna TP 21SKU #: UD-TP-21

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