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Gigabit Wireless Radios

What is Gigabit Wireless?
“Gigabit Wireless” describes wireless internet radios that utilize state-of-the-art technology to deliver blazing fast multi-gigabit throughput. Gigabit wireless radios are ideal for dense deployments in residential neighborhoods and MDUs, as well as for carrier backhaul, building-to-building enterprise use, or public safety applications. Fiber is no longer the only option for reaching gigabit link speed. Wireless radio technology has rapidly evolved to "wireless fiber" status with fiber-like gigabit wireless bridges and access points with low latency and long range, at what can be a fraction of the cost of trenching fiber.

Key Advantages of Gigabit Wireless radios include reductions in:

  • Truck rolls related to fiber optic damage from utilities and other companies digging in the coverage area
  • Wait time to realize ROI
  • Customer wait time for service availability
  • Security required (only ends need to be secured)
  • Digging or destruction of the environment

Wireless Fiber Network Diagram - A gigabit wireless bridge is used for point-to-point backhaul, where the access point then transmits the internet signal from the end of the bridge down to residential and/or commercial CPEs.

Gigabit Radio Demand

The demand for gigabit radios and faster internet is ever-increasing, thanks to video streaming, live content, cloud-based software, and faster mobile devices. Wireless backhaul solutions are capable of delivering high bandwidth, carrier-grade service for residential and commercial customers. Wireless bridges can actually be scaled up to 10 Gbps. At distances up to approximately one mile, wireless networks offer a much superior cost-per-bit ratio than standard fiber, with no difference in throughput or latency.

Meeting and exceeding the demands of customers with gigabit expectations is no longer limited to fiber. Wireless gigabit radio solutions are changing the landscape, making it possible to stay ahead of both the demands and your budget. Wireless radios are future-proof technology with limitless speed potential (unlike fiber optic’s inherent limitations over longer distances). Going wireless gives you the competitive advantage, with a faster time to market that will allow you to capture a larger market share, and lower equipment and deployment costs which translates to faster ROI.

DoubleRadius can help your build a strategy for seamlessly upgrading to Wireless Fiber. Our team can assist you with equipment selection, network design, path calculations, and the all-important acquisition of funds through leasing.