Shireen, Inc. designs, develops and manufactures components and systems for the Broadband Wireless, SCADA, Military and Telecommunications industries.

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Shireen Outdoor CAT5e FTP Shielded CableSKU #: DC-1025
$240.99 $266.50
Shireen Outdoor CAT6 Shielded - 1000ft SpoolSKU #: DC-2042
Shireen Outdoor Dry Gel Tape CAT5e UTP Cable (DC-1030)SKU #: DC-1030
$165.00 $212.50
Shireen Outdoor CAT6 FTP Shielded 1000ft Spool (DC-2021)SKU #: DC-2021(Shireen CAT6)
$190.00 $286.50
Shireen Outdoor CAT5e FTP Shielded 1000ft Spool (DC-1021)SKU #: DC-1021(Shireen CAT5)
$175.00 $237.30