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Tycon Systems® designs turnkey Remote Power Systems such as RemotePro® utilizing solar & wind, Outdoor Backup Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSPro®), unique Power over Ethernet, and power conversion products.

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Tycon Power TP-DCDC-1248G Gigabit ConverterSKU #: TP-DCDC-1248G
Tycon Power 8XPOE+, 2XSFP, MGMT Gigabit PoE SwitchSKU #: TP-SW8G-2SFP
Tycon Power 48-56VINPUT, 5 Port High Power PoE SwitchSKU #: TP-SW5GD-BT
Tycon Power 44-57VIN, 5X Port Multiout Gigabit PoE SwitchSKU #: TP-SW5G-VERSA
Tycon Power 12-36V IN, 5XPORT Gigabit PoE Switch, No FanSKU #: TP-SW5G-24HP
Tycon Power 4XPOE+, 2XSFP Gigabit PoE SwitchSKU #: TP-SW4G-2SFP
Tycon Solar MPPT 12/24V/48V 60A Charge ControllerSKU #: TP-SC48-60-MPPT
Tycon Solar MPPT 12/24V 40A Charge ControllerSKU #: TP-SC24-40N-MPPT
Tycon Power 53V 30W 10G 802.3at PoE InserterSKU #: TP-POE+10G
Tycon Power 56V 60W 10G 802.3at PoE++ InserterSKU #: TP-POE++10G

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Tycon Power®, 56V 100W Gigabit 4 Pair Passive PoESKU #: TP-POE-HP-56G
Tycon Power®, 56V 35W Gigabit 802.3AT PoE InserterSKU #: TP-POE-HP-48GD
Tycon Power®, 56V 50W Gigabit Passive PoE InserterSKU #: TP-POE-HP-48G
Tycon Power 24V 24W 10G Passive PoE InserterSKU #: TP-POE-24-10G
Tycon Power 24V POE Compatible Surge ProtectorSKU #: TP-ESP-1000-POE24
Tycon Power TP-DCDC-4856GD Very High Power ConverterSKU #: TP-DCDC-4856GD-VHP
Tycon Power TP-DCDC-4824G Gigabit ConverterSKU #: TP-DCDC-4824G
Tycon Power TP-DCDC-2448G-HP Gigabit ConverterSKU #: TP-DCDC-2448G-HP
Tycon Power TP-DCDC-1256GD Very High Power ConverterSKU #: TP-DCDC-1256GD-VHP
Tycon Power 10VDC to 60VDC 802.3bt PoE InserterSKU #: TP-DCDC-1256GD-BT
Tycon Power TP-DCDC-1256G Very High Power ConverterSKU #: TP-DCDC-1256G-VHP
Tycon Power TP-DCDC-1248GD Gigabit ConverterSKU #: TP-DCDC-1248GD
Tycon Power TP-DCDC-1248 ConverterSKU #: TP-DCDC-1248

Please call 866-891-3602 for availability