Systems Integrators

Systems Integrators (SIs) are technical individuals or companies that local businesses utilize as the “IT guys” for their technical support needs. Also referred to as “Solution Providers,” SIs can be tasked with creating technical solutions for an endless array of communications and connectivity challenges. The techopedia site further explains that:

System Integrators are key resources to identify, analyze, design and deploy complex IT solutions. Part of their role is also to ensure that the integrated system addresses the issues it is designed for.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

There are thousands of SIs in North and Latin America. In addition to those exclusively offering integration, a considerable portion of SIs also operate as Service Providers (WISPs or MSPs), adopting an entrepreneurial mindset to further serve the IT needs for businesses in their communities.

Although some SIs are specialized in one focus area such as WiFi networks or video security, many are required to be a jack-of-all-trades, offering solutions and services of all shapes and sizes for commercial, residential, and government clients alike. Deployments of varying complexity can result in systems that are wireless, wired, or a “hybrid” combination of both. (Learn more about Hybrid Fiber solutions.).

Reseller Guide - A Helpful New Resource for SI’s

Providing any one of the solutions or services below will involve sourcing a steady volume of customer equipment for resale. As such, our Reseller Guide is an important new resource to help your business. Our Reseller Guide explains the unique advantages of our Reseller program, highlights other Reseller resources, and offers insightful use cases of other SIs. Download the Reseller Guide now to learn more!

Opportunities for Systems Integrators

The following list shows the variety of solutions and services that SI’s can consider offering. Adding any of these offerings can be an effective way to increase revenue with existing customers, and also to expand one’s customer base.

  • Enterprise/Campus WiFi
  • Managed WiFi opens the door for creating a recurring revenue model. Network design, deployment, monitoring, management, and support are all a part of the offering (plus upgrades).

    DoubleRadius acts as the distribution partner for a highly successful MSP. Formerly our sister company until its acquisition in May, 2020, Inviacom serves retirement communities nationwide. They are a fully managed tech provider offering managed wireless internet networks, VoIP and TV solutions, IoT, and technology training for over 100 senior living communities. They also serve the education and hospitality verticals, equipping student housing and recreational facilities with high-speed campus WiFi solutions.

    Our cooperative relationship and sharing of knowledge over nine years has allowed us to better support and advise our other MSP customers as they’ve scaled. Likewise, DoubleRadius can help your company grow and increase profitability as an MSP, assisting with network design, product selection, and determining service offerings.

  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Office parks, hotels, coffee shops and countless other business types understand that providing connectivity makes the difference. Our SI customers have deployed WiFi hotspots at RV parks, marinas, and truck stops, to name a few others. What it boils down to is that businesses offering WiFi tend to have happier customers that spend more money.

    DoubleRadius can help your company provide WiFi hotspots wherever your clients demand it. Important considerations noted in our Managed WiFi Checklist include:

    • Design (Form Factor)
    • Performance Specs
    • Footprint
    • Scalability
    • Ease of installation and management

    We’ll also help you stay informed as WiFi technology continues to evolve, with resources like our Emergence of WiFi 6 as Our World Demands Greater Connection article. Lastly, we’ll share important release dates as exciting new products hit the market.

  • Wireless Point-to-Point Backhaul
  • Office parks, hotels, coffee shops and countless other business types understand that providing connectivity makes tPoint-to-Point (PTP) wireless links deliver long distance, high capacity connectivity, even over challenging terrain. This cost-effective alternative to trenching fiber has practical applications including:

    • Building-to-building connectivity
    • T1 replacement / redundancy
    • Backhaul for micro-pops, hotspots, and video surveillance

    For consideration of PTP links in licensed frequencies, we offer our Licensed PTP Configure & Quote form.

  • Video Surveillance & CCTV
  • Video Surveillance & CCTV technology continues to evolve and improve. Cameras operate over wireless IP networks, as well as traditional wired networks. Versatile pan/tilt/zoom technology can be monitored and operated in the cloud at remote locations. Megapixel resolution, night vision, and ruggedized / weatherproof enclosures are just some of the advanced features available.

    Installing video networks is an effective way for MSPs and SIs already providing wireless LAN/WAN solutions and WiFi to expand their offerings. DoubleRadius can help select the ideal cameras for customer deployments, and offer guidance for network management and maintenance.

How Wireless for Video Surveillance & CCTV Has Improved

In the past, wireless backhaul was less than ideal for CCTV applications because of issues with interference, and the limited distance a link could effectively reach. As a result, video was sometimes choppy, and SIs moved away from using wireless backhaul for cameras.

The great news is that today’s wireless is robust, capable of effectively supporting CCTV. Well designed wireless links are highly reliable in their delivery of High-Definition (HD) video. In fact, some models can be installed now with minimal RF and IP knowledge. Interference resiliency is built-in, and radios can even come pre-configured for long-range outdoor distances up to 10 miles!

To learn more, watch our Wireless Connectivity for Video Surveillance & CCTV with cnVision.

  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • Land-lines are becoming a thing of the past. Meanwhile, the cost-effectiveness and the quality of VoIP continues to improve. VoIP phone systems include feature-rich, secure desk phones as well as wireless portables.

    DoubleRadius headquarters has operated on a VoIP system for over a decade. From our own experience, we can aid in the design of VoIP solutions for your customers. A VoIP phone system not only modernizes telecommunications, but can also reduce monthly costs at the office and in the field.

  • Indoor Cellular Coverage Boosting
  • A majority of cellular calls are made indoors, where cell signal typically suffers. Although the need for reliable cellular service is real, the opportunity of improving indoor cellular coverage is often missed.

    The answer to this problem is explained in our How to Optimize In-Building and Mobile Cellular Coverage with Cel-Fi article. This innovative cellular boosting solution delivers high gain coverage (1000x stronger, 100dB) without cause interference. It installs easily and allows for remote device management.

  • Power Solutions
  • Every system requires power, even in challenging remote locations. Supplying an outdoor, uninterruptible, turnkey power system for remote locations presents yet another opportunity for meeting customer needs. For these circumstances, DoubleRadius partners with Tycon Systems to make available a variety of solar and wind turbine power options.

    Applications include:

    • Construction sites
    • Concerts and festivals
    • Emergency power
    • Agriculture
    • Temporary security and lighting

Read Systems Integrator Use Cases in Our Guide

When it’s all said and done, remember that sourcing and selling products is an important part of offering solutions and services. See examples of SI’s businesses in our Reseller Guide by downloading it now!

DoubleRadius Technical Services - The Ace Up Your Sleeve!

Whatever solutions you’re providing, our team is here to help. Whether it’s training your team on a new type of solution or providing that next level of wireless expertise, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve been designing wireless solutions since 2001. Likewise, DoubleRadius is here to help you with any wireless projects your clients throw at you. Our Technical Services team offers:

  • Consultation
  • Integration
  • Support
  • Training

Visit our Technical Services page to learn more about how we can help your company.