Siklu brought to the market affordable gigabit capacity for a variety of applications. They created the first mass-produced millimeter wave radio, the EtherHaul™-1200 which is still the most deployed mmWave connectivity solution in the world.

About Siklu

The Siklu MultiHaul™ Terragraph TG Series Webinar with Facebook Connectivity discusses the development, initial testing, and current ecosystem of the Terragraph technology platform. Siklu then provides an overview of their TG-certified MultiHaul™ series, including features, key applications, and topology illustrations.

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Get Started with Siklu's MultiHaul™ TG Starter Kit - now available at $2,599!

The kit includes:

      • MultiHaul™ TG N366
      • MultiHaul™ TG T280
      • MultiHaul™ TG T265
      • MultiHaul™ TG T260
      • PoE injectors
      • Mounting Kits
      • 0.5 ft V-Band Antenna (for T280)

*For customers who have not previously purchased MultiHaul™ TG. One starter Kit per customer.

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The Siklu EtherHaul™ 2ft Dual-band 18GHz E-Band Antenna support a variety of antennas depending on the intended application, from street level to roof top, from short to long range. Read More...

The Siklu MultiHaul™ TG Node N366 is a gigabit radio link operating over congestion-free millimeter waves. The Siklu N366 brings the advantages of mmWave – gigabit capacity, immunity to interference and always-on reliability - to a cost-effective small form factor PtP solution. Read More...

The Siklu MultiHaul™ PtMP MH-B100-CCS-PoE-MWB Base Unit features 90°, 500Mbps upgradable to 1800Mbps, 2 RJ-45 & 1 SFP (1 port PSE enabled), MK & PoE injector included, IP-65. Read More...