The DoubleRadius service team offers technical services to fill in your team's gaps in expertise or manpower. Our goal is to give you (or your clients) the benefit of powerful new technology without any of the hassle that can come with it. This page covers the details of our services, including consultation, integration, and support.


Our consultation services help our team to effectively design your network or solution. We will conduct a site survey to gain critical insights into your local RF environment, and to help determine what RF spectrums and equipment will be most effective. Our knowledge of equipment interoperability of the variety of solutions available from different vendors then becomes a key factor in successful design. Next, our team will run path profiles to help predict potential natural or man-made obstructions to connectivity. We can also pre-configure, test and label your equipment before shipping, greatly simplifying the installation process.

Case Studies

Consultation services include:

  • Requirements definition
  • Site surveys
  • Path profiles
  • Interference analysis
  • Prior coordination
  • Hardware selection & procurement

  • Hardware & software pre-configuration: Includes testing and labeling of equipment
  • Project management
  • Wireless network engineering: Topography, routing/VLAN, and QOS
  • Wired network engineering
  • Certification training

About Interference Analysis
This in-depth process is pivotal to your network running smoothly and includes:

  • Tower / WLAN propagation studies
  • Frequency use planning
  • Spectrum scan and analysis
  • Identification of co-located or nearby licensed transmitters
  • Identification of available frequencies considering existing and proposed systems (via analysis of adjacent or shared bands, detecting unwanted threshold degradation or potential earth station interference)
  • RF interference analysis - accurate prediction of interfering levels into and from your system (via software, and by analysis of terrain and antenna & radio filter performance)
  • Documentation of the system parameters including the selected frequency and any outstanding interference conflicts

About Prior Coordination
DoubleRadius' extensive experience in point-to-point engineering and licensing enables us to guarantee the quality, performance, and government approval of your backhaul links.

Prior coordination is required by the FCC and begins when the system design is complete. Prior coordination requirements differ, based upon the FCC rule section that your service falls under (e.g. Part 101, Part 74, and Part 78). DoubleRadius will perform an interference analysis which will determine operational frequencies for your PTP links that will not cause harmful interference to other existing and proposed microwave paths and earth stations. After frequencies are selected, a Prior Coordination Notice (PCN), including a path data sheet, will be sent to all existing microwave users in the area to notify them of the proposed path. The FCC rule states that existing users have 30 days to object to the proposal. Once the 30-day period expires and any objections are resolved, DoubleRadius will provide the supplemental documents which must be included with your FCC license application.

Prior notification services include:

  • Notification of your proposed system to all existing and proposed licensees in your area and frequency band of operation
  • Case resolution if any licenses are not in full agreement
  • Preparation of documentation required to satisfy the FCC
  • Prior coordination renewal - DoubleRadius will track your PCN and notify you when a renewal is required


DoubleRadius provides comprehensive integration services that result in rapid, professional deployment of your network. This allows your staff to remain focused on running your business and minimizes distractions during the integration process. Our goal is to install your new solution as seamlessly as possible into your operations, giving you the benefit on your powerful new technology without the hassle that might otherwise be included.

Integration services include:

  • Site survey - On premise installation and materials confirmation
  • Radio installation on all types of structures
  • Turnkey tower construction
  • Project management
  • As built documentation
  • Network installation
  • Provisioning and monitoring tools implementation


Repair Services are available and guaranteed to get your damaged/faulty products repaired. There are many options including rush repair and 6 month warranty.


DoubleRadius can monitor critical items such as computer performance, host communication and the status of common system faults, generating email notifications to both your staff and our support center team when a system alert is detected, resulting in increased productivity. We recommend utilizing our support services to keep your equipment running longer and better, and to minimize network downtime.

Support services include:

  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting of existing hardware/software
  • Remote installation support
  • Remote network monitoring
  • Scheduled phone support options
  • Customer support agreement (CSA)