SAF Tehnika is among the world’s top carrier-class, microwave point-to-point radio manufacturers. SAF’s products cover the 2 GHz - 87 GHz spectrum range, as well as the license-free 24 GHz band.

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The SAF Integra Multi-Gigabit Licensed Backhaul webinar was hosted by DoubleRadius on December 17th, 2019. This presentations focuses on key features, link distances, and bench testing for the Integra-X (2.2 Gbps) and Integra-E (10 Gbps).

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The Integra-WS is one of the most innovative RF systems designed specifically for wideband wireless network applications. Integra-WS supports channel bandwidths of up to 112 MHz and modulations up to 1024QAM for network capacity upgrades of up to 883 Mbps per full-duplex.

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The Integra-X features up to 2.2 Gbps capacity in each direction, uncompressed and two transceivers with modem chains.

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The Integra-E has the same Integra family characteristics of high-reliability, carrier grade features and performance, and 5-year warranty extends the Integra family into the E-band frequencies, delivering 10 Gbps capacity.

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Integra is an unbelievably light, energy efficient carrier-grade system that exemplifies an outstanding return on smart engineering - the synergy of high competence in radio electronics and materials science. Integration of next generation microwave radio with high and super high performance antennas into a single unit translates into a lower total cost of ownership, as well as less time spent on the installation site, and better reliability of the link even in densely served areas.

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PhoeniX G2 split mount system is designed to fit in a classic telecom architecture with a radio located outdoors and a sheltered indoor unit. Supporting channel bandwidths of up to 60 MHz, the PhoeniX G2 offers capacities of up to 452 Mbps full duplex in 1+0 configurations.

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Spectrum Compact is an ultra-light and easy to use measurement solution for the 300 MHz - 86 GHz licensed microwave frequency bands. This battery-powered device is a must-have tool for any microwave radio engineer performing in-building DAS coverage verification, 5G build-out, equipment installation, link troubleshooting and site planning. The LCD touchscreen ensures smooth and intuitive onsite use, and the SMA connector* allows the Spectrum Compact to integrate with any vendor’s antenna or waveguide system.

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