Payment Policies

Last updated: October 2017

DoubleRadius, Inc. Payment Policies are listed below. A downloadable PDF version can be found here.

Net Terms

DoubleRadius, Inc. extends Net 20 terms to approved customers. Invoices are due 20 days from the date of invoice, not receipt of goods. Term customers must maintain their account in good standing or all pending orders for the account will automatically be held until the account is brought current. A finance charge of 1.5% (annual rate of 18%) may be charged on all invoices past due.

If payment is not received in 60 days, the account may be turned over to collection agency or attorney for collection. The account holder will be liable for collection and/or incurred legal fees and cost.

Payment Application- Application of your payment will be posted to your account as indicated on the remittance provided to DoubleRadius, Inc. If no remittance is included, payment will be posted to the account, but unapplied to any open invoices. Any open credits or over payments on the account will not be applied without the customer’s approval, unless the account becomes over 60 days past due. Once the account is over 60 days past due, any available credits will be applied to the open invoices.

RMA/Credit- Once an RMA is processed, the credit will be refunded as per the original transaction. If the original purchase was on a credit card, the refund will be posted back to the same credit card as the purchase. If the original order was on terms and the related invoice is still open/unpaid, the credit memo will be applied to the original invoice. If the invoice is already paid, the credit will be available on the account for application as per customer remittance or direction.

Credit Cards

DoubleRadius, Inc. accepts American Express®, Discover®, MasterCard® and VISA®. Additional information may be requested from first time customers who are using credit cards.

DoubleRadius, Inc. is unable accept credit card payments for international orders unless pre-approved. PayPal and Wire Transfers/ACH are accepted for international orders.

When you place an order with DoubleRadius, Inc. using a credit card, an authorization will be posted to your account. Once the order has been shipped out, the final charge will be posted. If your order is partial shipped due to backorder or is being shipped from different locations, DoubleRadius, Inc. will only charge you for what has shipped. Once the items become available and are shipped out to you, the remaining balance for those items will then be charged to the card.

We require a Credit Card Authorization Form be completed for any orders over $5,000.

ACH/Wire Transfer

DoubleRadius, Inc. accepts wire transfers and ACH as a form of payment. Please understand that the order will not be approved and processed until the transfer has been completed and the funds are received by DoubleRadius, Inc. Any fees charged by your bank to process a wire or ACH are the responsibility of the wire sender and will be collected in advance. Please contact your account representative or for wiring/ACH instructions.


DoubleRadius, Inc. accepts PayPal as a form of payment in lieu of international credit cards. Please ask your account representative for additional information.