Cambium Networks™ solutions are proven leaders in the wireless broadband industry, delivering innovative data, voice and video connectivity solutions that enable communications virtually everywhere in the world.

About Cambium Networks™

The Cambium Enterprise Solutions Roundtable features a discussion on how Cambium's solution meets Enterprise needs, what its competitive advantages are, and how they deliver an end-to-end network. The panel also covers the key aspects of Cambium's MSP program, offerings for MDUs, and the benefits of WiFi 6. Other topics include meeting the demands of scalability and density.

Authorized Master Distributor – North America and CALA

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The Cambium e510 Outdoor, 8 dBi, WLAN AP is ideal for outdoor communities, public Wi-Fi or enterprise Wi-Fi. These omni-directional access points are tailored to low-, medium- and high- density applications.

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Options include:

      • 5GHz bundle (small or large)
      • 3GHz bundle (small or large)


Eligibility requirements:

      • Limit of 1 (one) bundle per end customer (either large or small, but not both)
      • The Small Bundle consists of 1 AP and 12 SM, the Large Bundle consists of 4 AP and 100 SM.
      • A “New Customer” is any customer who has not purchased PMP 450 in the past 24 months.
      • cnMaestro X includes all software support
      • Qualifying customers must be Wireless Internet Service Providers offering service to the public (residential or enterprise).


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For existing XMS-Enterprise managed Xirrus installations to migrate to cnMaestro X software.


The offer:

      • Convert XMS-Enterprise to cnMaestro X, available in 1-, 3-, or 5-year subscriptions and operating as either cloud or on-premises
      • Pay the same for the cnMaestro X subscription as for XMS-Enterprise plus AP HW and SW Support for a 1-, 3-, or 5-year term such that the migration is cost neutral. Note that calculation of price includes both AP HW and SW Support even if the customer is not currently paying for both.



      • ONE network for managing Cambium Solutions
      • Upgrade to WiFi 6/6E
      • Eliminate on-site maintenance with SaaS management
      • cnMaestro X includes all software support
      • Key cnMaestro X functionality


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For a limited time, you can see for yourself by trying the Cambium Networks QoE Start Kit with special first-time user pricing.

The new QoE (Quality of Experience) solution from Cambium Networks reduces support costs for service providers and enterprises--delivering more efficient use of network infrastructure and a better end user-experience with the opportunity to upsell higher service levels.

QoE is a software subscription solution that provides TCP acceleration, application-based traffic prioritization, rate limiting, denial of service detection, and more. Experiencing QoE live in your own network operations is the best way to evaluate the benefits. To help you with this evaluation, Cambium Networks is offering a QoE Starter Kit for first-time users.

Because QoE is a software solution we are offering two different starter kit packages. Package A is a turn-key solution with the software pre-loaded on a network appliance. Alternatively, you can purchase the software subscription to be deployed on your own hardware appliance.*

Package A ‒ Turn-Key Pre-Loaded Network Appliance:
One QoE 1-Gbps Appliance (extended temperature)
One 1-Gbps QoE 12-month Software Subscription (must be renewed at end of 12 months for continued service)

Package B ‒ Use Your Own Hardware:
One 1-Gbps QoE 12-month Software Subscription (must be renewed at end of 12 months for continued service)

*Cambium’s support site has recommended hardware models from third parties if you choose Package B.
Please note: Limited to one kit per qualified service provider.

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Try before you buy with a 90-day free trial of cnMaestro™ X! Access exciting new features and advanced management capabilities including:

      • RESTful APIs and webhooks
      • 2-year performance data for Fixed Wireless and 1 year for Enterprise
      • MSP dashboard
      • Support for software-defined radio (SDR)

Ready to upgrade? Existing cnMaestro Essentials customers can subscribe to the cnMaestro X trial from within the application or signing up on Cambium's cnMaestro X form

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The Cambium cnRanger™ Sierra 800 Baseband Unit Fixed LTE wireless platform from Cambium Networks substantially increases range and coverage, while reducing the cost and complexity typically associated with LTE networks. Read More...

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Built upon Cambium Networks’ expertise in RF planning, propagation, and modeling as seen in LINKPlanner and integrated with GIS data down to 1 meter precision, cnHeat generates highly accurate RF predictions and derivative services that accurately represent the reality of the RF world. cnHeat now includes LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) for high resolution DTM (Digital Terrain Models) and DSM (Digital Surface Models), allowing for cnWave planning using the ANP (Advanced Network Planning) tool! Read More...