Cambium cnHeat

RF Predictions for Fixed Wireless, Now with LiDAR

Built upon Cambium Networks’ expertise in RF planning, propagation, and modeling as seen in LINKPlanner and integrated with GIS data down to 1 meter precision, cnHeat generates highly accurate RF predictions and derivative services that accurately represent the reality of the RF world. To get started Download the template and follow instructions below.

Offering the best in class RF planning service that supports 5 GHz PMP 450 and ePMP– and 3 GHz PMP 450 in LOS conditions.

Applications for cnHeat

Predict optimal install locations for new customers

The accuracy of the heat maps generated saves time and labor costs on customer installs. Because optimal installation locations are identified in advance, the installer can simply place the equipment immediately in the predetermined locations at the deployment site, then verify coverage from predicted to actual.

Optimize site deployments

cnHeat allows for the optimization of the placement of sites and configuration of APs and SMs within the site. Various site locations and heights can be modeled in order to maximize building coverage, which increases potential customer density while also minimizing site costs.

Advanced cnWave Planning with LiDAR

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) now enables service providers to obtain high resolution DTM (Digital Terrain Models) and DSM (Digital Surface Models), allowing for cnWave planning using the ANP (Advanced Network Planning) tool!

Prevent truck rolls for customers that cannot be reached

cnHeat predicts whether service can be extended to a customer based on the address of the requested service site. If the location cannot be reached, an unnecessary truck roll is prevented, saving time and cost.

Get Started with cnHeat

cnHeat is available in 1 year and 3 year subscriptions at very affordable prices, which can be paid quarterly or annually. A significant discount is also available for a prepaid 3 year subscription.

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