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Since 1953, American Tower Company, makers of Amerite Tower, has maintained a commitment to excellence in the production of high quality commercial and residential communication towers.

About Amerite American Tower

Building the Towers that You Need Webinar with Amerite by American Tower covers seven fundamentals that must be considered in order to select the right tower for the job. Types of towers discussed include self supported, guyed, and bracketed. In addition to providing info on the Amerite series, a good Q&A session at the end also addresses larger towers of 300+ ft.

Authorized Master Distributor – North America

The Amerite American Tower 25 10' Mid is one of the most dependable towers for guyed tower applications. Read More...

The Amerite American Tower 45 5' Base is part of one of the most versatile towers for self-supporting tower applications. Read More...

The Amerite American Tower 12' Wall Mount - Heavy Duty is an accessory of one of the most economical towers for bracketed tower applications. Read More...